Reiki Session   $100

This is a hands on session for 45 min. As a client you are made comfortable on a massage table padded by a lambs wool cover over a Richway Biomat!! This is a powerful mat made of crushed amythist and tourmaline that provides infrared heat. As well during the session you have the choice of essential oils to be aromatic or topically applied. My intuitive abilities are open during this time and you will find mental, emotional and physical support in this session. Dreamy!

Individual Guided Meditation    $140

In this wonderful guided meditation session I open to connect with the Angels and Divine Beings that surround and support you and your life - I follow their promptings in walking you through a guided meditation/visualization and the timing of this is up to them. In the hour we will have time to talk about what has occurred and you may ask any questions you wish.  ALSO . . . this cost includes a $10 donation to our local hospice

Mediumship Session with Debra and Diana
1-2 participants   $280

Thank you for choosing a mediumship session with Debra and Diana! We are so happy to join you or you and a friend to channel loved ones and messages from spirit realm. It is such an honour to be able to make these connections. We look forward to meeting with you! .

Tuning up and Tuning in     $280

8 week workshop series 

Welcome to the opportunity for some truly enjoyable and enlightening spiritual evolvement!

Diana and Debra are offering a wonderful 8 session exploration for the development of your ability to connect with your higher selves and with spirit. This will be a holistic journey starting with the care of you and your soul and moving from there to creatively explore your ability to access more mystical aspects of your spirits experience.

These 8 sessions will begin Tuesday, May 9th and will take place every two weeks for 8 weeks We will get together from 7 PM - 9 PM each session - Two weeks is enough time to let the experiences of the class sink in and become practice and exploration for you. 

We will be working with the aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings, using meditation, accessing tools for grounding and connecting, learning about the ‘Clairs’, chakras, auras and the importance of our intention. We will meet guides, sense the divine energies and connect with loved ones. The possibilities are endless. Bring your questions and your struggles and we will help to find solutions and give practical support and guidance based on our own experience as evidential psychic mediums.

Cost is $280 per person ($35 per session) and to reserve a spot payment must be made in advance. Refunds will be given minus cost of money transfers up to two weeks before course begins. Payments plans are available. Contact Diana-lynn at or Debra at for more information or make your purchase here. We look forward to supporting and enhancing your journey. Blessings!

Group Reading with Debra and Diana

3-10 participants   $500

Thank you for choosing a group session with Debra and Diana! We are so happy to join you and your group to channel loved ones and messages from spirit realm. It is such an honour to be able to make these connections. We are not able to guarantee everyone a reading as that is spirits business but we have rarely had an event where everyone did not receive something for themselves. Looking forward to meeting with you and your friends!! 

 Mediumship/Intuitive Session   $140

This mediumship session is to assist the spirit of loved ones in communicating their continued connection to our lives. This is a very enlightening and loving hour where I will open up to your loved ones in spirit and to the Divine in order to make a connection for you. This may also include the connection to angelic realm and other Divine energies. ALSO . . . this cost includes a $10 donation to our local hospice

A Date with the Angels!  $77

Join Diana and Debra for an all day workshop where we will connect to the Angels and Guides that support and love you along your life journey. We will explore many ways to develop your relationship with these Divine Beings! You will find these workshops come up on facebook or you will find them in our mail outs. Send an email to to register for the next event and this is your place for payment. We look forward to meeting with you!