Group Session with Debra  $500 

Debra will open her sanctuary to your group of up to 6 people. In this 2 hour session Debra will bring through communication from loved ones so that we can all enjoy the understanding that our relationships to not end they just transform.

* Debra and Diana

Debra and Diana are both Evidential Spiritual Mediums and have been working closely together now for 4 years. They offer workshops, classes, group readings and demonstrate on stage at larger events. Where there are * above is where Debra and Diana come together to offer this unique and wonderful union!

Mediumship Group Session

with Debra and Diana  $700 *

Debra and Diana will come to your designation to offer a group reading for up to 10 of your guests. This 2 hour session does not guarantee all will get a reading, but the witnessing of the demonstration of life after life is a powerful experience. Also there will be a draw at each group session for a private 1/2 hr skype reading!

Debra Doerksen

Meditation, Reiki or

Faith healing Session - 45 min  $150

In this session you may experience me as a trusted guide in meditation, a channel of energy for reiki healing or a medium for access to higher energy forms in the realms unseen. If you wish to view some of the more mystical experiences of your soul journey, simply access a state of healing relaxation or meet with guides and loved ones in spirit, I am here to facilitate that for you! I have been deepening others in meditation for over 10 years now as it is the most healing and wonderful tool I have encountered in my own growth. This session may or may not be hands on and we will talk before about your intentions and how the session should unfold.

Mediumship Session  $150

This session is 1 hour long and is for 1-2 people, family or friends! This session may be in person, or by skype/phone.

We will spend the hour together inviting the love of Spirit forward and encouraging the communication between worlds. The demonstration of mediumship often provides comfort and healing.

Classes and Workshops 

Please email if you wish to register for any workshops or classes that are currently being offered.