Debra Doerksen

Meditation is a vital practice to access conscious contact with your highest self.

​Wayne Dyer

It was not until mediumship became part of my life suddenly at the age of 38 that meditation became a practice in my life. Until that point I had tried to meditate here and there but my hamster wheel of a mind would never seem to let me settle. At the age of 38, I suddenly,

out of the blue, without any seeking on my part, began to hear and see

and feel Spirit! This was a psychological shock to say the least and it was

a tough couple of years where my life turned upside down and my

previous understanding of reality was shattered. I was a woman, clearly

under-construction and a new me was emerging day by day sometimes

hour by hour.

Turning to meditation was a way for me to gain clarity, understanding and

have many more profound experiences. Within meditation, I met loving Guides and Energies in the other realms that helped to shape my understanding of this world and beyond, and beyond . . . and beyond. I am so grateful today to have the gift of meditation be part of my life. It is a tool one can take anywhere they go and access any time it is needed or desired. Meditation is touted by many to have a wide range of benefits: A reduction of anxiety and depression, increase in clarity of mind and memory, aiding with sleep issues, pain reduction and increased health in body systems due to stress reduction and promotion of healthy hormonal response to name a few.

It is my absolute pleasure to guide others in one on one sessions or in groups through meditation for the multitudes of purposes it serves. If you are in simply in need of some relaxation, and want to access an ability to let go of the stresses in life - I can help. If you wish to meet your guides and supporters in the realm of Divine light - I can help. If you wish to explore past life and gain some clarity around how the past may be impacting the present - I can help.

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In Love and Service,

Debra Doerksen