I am profoundly grateful for and respectful of my gifts - it is my pleasure to awaken you

to yours! 

Now come spend some time with me on my channel - Love of Spirit!

With Eternal Love and many Blessings,
Debra Doerksen

                      In Love

                     and Service

                                                As an Evidential Medium, It is my

                                          honour and my joy to connect

                                          you, with those you have loved in

                                          this life, and who remain an ever supporting presence for you in Spirit. I come to our visit with wisdom, experience and an open channel for the two most significant healers - compassion and love.

I work in one-on-one sessions on the phone, email or in person, as well as providing workshops geared around assisting a group of individuals to inspire one another and share experiences that heal the mental, emotional and spiritual self. 

Inviting myself and my working partner Diana to an afternoon or evening gathering with friends in your home is also a wonderful way to experience a connection to your higher self and those in spirit who wish to support your growth or just say hello. Diana and I also do large events upwards of 250 people for fundraisers if you have a cause in need of support.

​As a Spiritual Medium, Facilitator and Reiki Master,  I open to channelling Divine Light and providing a bridge of connection between you in this incarnation and your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, Gods, Deities, and Other Worldly Beings. This allows you to receive physical relaxation, stress relief and insight into areas that are in need of shifting or in need of support.

​Debra Doerksen