with Debra and Diana-Lynn

We have created an opportunity for you to experience the process of mediumship on an intimate level. In this small group not only will you have the experience of two mediums at work but each participant will receive a reading.

Diana-lynn and Debra are trusted evidential mediums who have great passion for their work and in this enriching two hour event they will deliver validating messages. Each medium is unique in how they receive and experience spirits messages and how wonderful that two can come together to validate often the SAME energy. 

This promises to be a beautiful experience filled with loving messages from the other side. The benefit of a small group is also being witness to the love and connection made for others. 

This event are limited to 9 people. Cost is $60 per person and to reserve a spot payment must be made in advance. 

Please see the 'contact' section to book your seat


April 20th, 2017